Age-worthy Merlot? Zoom w/L'ecole TODAY feat. Marty Clubb (Owner & Managing Winemaker)

Hi guys,

We have some open capacity in our ZOOM today w/Owner & Managing Winemaker Marty Clubb.

He’s gonna taste through 4-5 vintages, chat, and answer questions … on zoom at 5PM Pacific Standard Time today.

I’ve been approved to post the RSVP link to receive the zoom link details:

Sorry, such a long link :wink:

Age-worthy is absolutely true with L’ecole wines, I’ve found. The remaining L’ecole bottles I have are all in the ‘back row’ for further aging, as after 5-10 years, they are fantastic!!!

Did anyone participate? What did you think, and what wines did they open? What did you open?