Aeroponic Winery?

To make a long story short I have a friend who has invested in a company specializing in aeroponics. He wants to know if an indoor aeroponic winery is possible. For arguments sake let’s say he can replicate all other climate growing conditions (obviously just not the soil). Anyone heard of this being done? Anyone see any gaping holes in the idea? Though the idea is still in it’s infant stages, if the concept could be proven I think he wants to move forward with the idea.

Where my scientists at?

I’m not a scientist but I do see holes.

Most grape varieties don’t like an especially humid environment, which is what aeroponics is.

Also, I believe most aeroponics environments are intended to support more or less annual plants, not plants that require many years to mature.

The insane massive expense to maintain it for a vineyard (aeroponic techniques are generally reserved for high value/multiple rotation crops) seems reason enough to never do it. Why not just plant a vineyard if you want a winery? This, to me, has no practical application in the wine business just from a finance point of view let alone what sort of quality could be achieved.

I think the idea would be (not 100% on this) to create a California-esque vineyard outside of California. In this instance Minnesota. Again this assumes that the other growing conditions could be mimicked.

I think this is a terrible idea for many reasons. Your friend should have the person who runs the aeroponic company talk to a vineyard manager for a few minutes. I don’t have thorough knowledge of aeroponics, so I don’t want to post my assumptions, but I think they’ll come to the same conclusion.

Maybe NASA can see the practical use ?
Either weightless or Mars grown vines.


What Jim said; I don’t have much of a head for business, but I don’t see how investors could earn a reasonable r.o.i. by growing a single crop of grapes per year in Minnesota.