Aeration Time? 2007 Kapcsandy Family Winery Estate Cuvée State Lane Vineyard

Tomorrow will be my first experience with Kapcsandy, and I am very, very excited to try this. I’ve seen tons of notes on cellartracker, but very few if any speak to how long the wine was exposed to air.

Can anyone with experience with this wine speak to how get this wine to show its best?

Open it tonight and recork it. I had my last one from a 375 and it was super tight after 2 hours in a decanter.


drinking this tomorrow with yabba dabbo do from french laundry then followed by david lebovitz’s cheesecake ice cream and his favorite brownie recipe. yum!

I had this same questions last year. Lou saw it posted and sent me an email right away. This worked very well and I would agree to minimize time in the decanter based on my experience. Here is what he recommends:

stand the bottle up in the cellar overnight or at least 6 hours (because our wines are not filtered) to let the sediment settle to the bottom.

pull the cork and taste a small sample to make sure that there is no fault with the wine. If it’s OK…we let it sit upright (with the cork pulled out) in the bottle for 8 hours in the cellar…we decant it for 2 hours prior to pouring. We either pour it back into the bottle (double-decanting) after we rinsed out the bottom of the bottle with RO or distilled water…or pour it directly from the decanter.

Never use any aerators such as Vinturi with our wines…and make sure that the wines receives oxygen very slowly after pulling the cork or they will over oxygenate and actually can shut down…and you’ll have to wait 24+ hours to re-try it.

Lou’s advice sounds about right (as it should). If you can’t double decant, then slow-o for 12 hours. Great wine.

thanks all. i opened and re-corked at cellar temp last night. i just pulled the cork this morning and left it in my eurocave. it smells great, and if i hadn’t just brushed my teeth, i’d have taken a swig.