Advice on serving '79 Clos du Val Magnum

Just that. We’ll be popping a 1979 Clos du Val Napa Valley magnum for dinner next week. Normally for a Cali cab that old I would just decant for sediment shortly before dinner and then enjoy it over the meal.

However sine this is a magnum, do you think it would benefit from additional air time?

I had a 1979 CDV Stag’s Leap recently and it was DOA (from 750). I’d advise you bring a back-up.

I’d decant for sediment and serve soon thereafter. I’d expect some changes as the wine is exposed to air, and I’d prefer to follow the changes in the glass over the course of the meal.

Corey - great advice.

In this case particularly so. The provenance of this bottle is unknown. A friend of mine received it from his non-wine-enjoying brother as a Christmas gift last year, and doesn’t want to inquire about where he sourced it.

We will be bringing multiple backups!!!

Got Coravin for a lil taste first? If alive I like 1-2 H uncorked and then decant for sediment. Hopefully it has been upright a few weeks.

Glenn, no Coravin, but it will have been standing up for a week.