Advice Needed WRT Delta Airlines

We are scheduled to fly to Italy in mid-September, returning in mid-October. Our itinerary getting there is just fine (PDX-SEA-AMS-MXP). On the return trip (MXP-CDG-ATL-PDX), our flight from MXP to CDG has been canceled and replaced with a flight on the previous evening. I’m trying to get ahold of Delta to change the return leg to a) force me to camp overnight in an airport and b) avoid CDG if possible.

I’ve identified a couple different alternatives, but my problem is that I can’t get a hold of anyone at Delta. I sat on hold several times for a couple of hours to no avail, then allowed them to call me back. They called me back 15 hours later, and then I sat on hold for over an hour before I gave up and went to bed. I’m mulling making a trip to the airport to talk to someone in person. Is that my best option?


That stinks that you can’t get ahold of Delta. Unfortunately, I had a similar situation with United this past March where they changed my families return flights from Colorado (twice). After spending many fruitless hours on the phone, I elected to drive to EWR (luckily 20 minutes away) where I found a sympathetic (and competent) customer service representative to help me fix the issue. If it isn’t too much trouble, I’d go to the airport.

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You can try to make changes yourself online using modify flights (I always try this anyway, just in case prices have gone down)
Or you can keep trying to get a call back
Delta cut their call center staff hard, and has not yet recovered. Sundays and Mondays are generally the worst, as schedule changes get pushed out on Saturdays.
If this happened this past weekend, and involved an A330 aircraft, check to see if your original flights are available (DL had an issue over weekend that involved bumping passengers off A330 flights).

It’s been a nightmare recently with Delta, having dealt with them on the phone twice over the past 2 weeks for issues that could not be rectified on line .

Another option might be to use Twitter???

It seems to be out of control. I had an 8 hour wait and then I heard from a Platinum Medallion member he still had to wait 2 hours.

Just head to the airport. This blogger did that, while on hold. Hours long holds aren’t unique to Delta.

My wife is Platinum. When she called Sunday night it was going to be an over 3 hour wait . Fortunately she was able to use the call-back function and they called her back . Unfortunately it was more than 3 hours later and she was sleeping .

Some additional info

I did this with United. They actually responded pretty quickly. However, its almost impossible to type a detailed description of the issue that makes it clear what you want to happen. And then there’s the back and forth with the responses. Faster and more efficient to go to the airport and deal.

FWIW, United’s response via twitter was to send me to a link that would allow me to file a complaint. Ugh.

I’ve had luck using the iMessage thing they have setup. United took 30ish minutes to get back to me while Delta took 19 hours. YMMV

I don’t know about Delta, but Twitter works well for American.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I’m heading out to the airport this morning (after the initial flight rush) and will report back.

I hope Rick made it.

They were only letting ticketed passengers into the terminal. I ended up calling and sitting on hold for 4 hours, but I finally got through and got the flight changed.

Interesting and odd at the same time. What if you wanted to buy a ticket for a flight that was soon to depart?? They wouldn’t let you ?

I’ve since had an email conversation with the the Port of Portland, and was told that I should have been allowed in. They are keeping out people there to meet arrivals.

Thanks. Glad it worked out for you , although not the easiest path to get it done .