Acker Closes 2018 with US$125M in Total Sales, over 2,150 New World Records

Thought this might be of interest

meanwhile, I guess Rudy has deportation to look forward to in a couple years?

Note that superlatives about their ranking in the auction world are based on Hong Kong, not New York:

Acker concluded > its 2018 auction season in New York City in December with an impressive US$105 million in total auction sales> , representing an increase of 31% compared to 2017’s revenue. Indicative of the firm’s #1 position, Acker set a remarkable 2,150+ new world records during 2018, while crossing the milestone of > $1B of revenue in total auction sales in its June Hong Kong sale > this same year.

How does the $105M figure compare to Christie’s or Sothebie’s in the US, or Hart Davis or Zachy’s?

(I see that the talks to sell a 45% stake in the HK arm to Madison Wine ended in 2017: