Acidity in wine burns fat and Italy has 20 wine regions!

Stellar article from Fox News and Lidia Bastianich…

When did they move the Franciacorta zona from Lombardia to the Veneto?

(Fox News)
Sometimes facts get in the way

Makes my blog look like it’s worthy of a Pulitzer. Just saying, damn that’s bad. Is that really where their audience is at? No wonders our radio advertisement with a conservative talk show host bombed

“The Piedmont region of Italy is known for its Barolo and Barbaresco wines, which in addition to being great to drink, are often used to braise meat.”

I wish they would film the adventures of the average home cook on the quest for cooking Barolo…

Jim, I have an old edition of Escoffier’s epic tome on French cuisine and what we know as Coq au Vin is listed as Coq au Chambertin and uses a whole bottle.

Very bad overall, but they’re right about Prosecco. It’s everywhere. It’s the ice breaker.

Maybe I need my pallet [sic] reset periodically.

“Acidity in wine burns fat.” Sounds like victory for the AFWE.

Someone should tell Parker.

But only if you pour it directly on the fats within your body. That’s the catch.