Absolutely Shameless Plug . . .

So is THIS the spot I’m supposed to go to tell everyone to buy my wines? Just wondering [wink.gif] [wink.gif] [wink.gif]

On the other board, Larry!


Plugs appear in the great tasting notes in that thread. [soap.gif]

Sales are 50% off for Berserkers in Commerce Corner. [welldone.gif]

Show and Tell is handled at the offlines. [swoon.gif]

This tread is for us retailers to gripe, trade BS stories and share bad ideas. [wink.gif]


As I hope you know by now, I am trying to be an active member of a LOT of boards . . . . no exclusivity here . . .

50% off, eh?!?!?!? Hmmmmmmm

One day, you will see the light…

Who sells Tercero in NY?

The light, eh?!?!?? I’m here in the Santa Ynez Valley - we ALWAYS see the light [thumbs-up.gif]

No one sells me in NY . . . yet [shock.gif]

Larry, I can always sell a few of my bottles to a local if anyone needs it.
I have an idea, since Posner sells only the best, I’ll let him taste my wines (especially the Christie) if you replace it at 2 to 1. [grin.gif]

The Christie is a very good wine. I drank a bottle poolside in Santa Barbara after visiting Larry.

Always willing to listen to ANY offer, Dan . . .


Thanks for the kind words . . . go to see ‘the tribe’ taking care of their own [welldone.gif]

Larry, Larry, Larry…you should know that this isn’t the day and time to tell anyone to buy your wine. Now strap on some knee pads and learn the lyrics to “Moon River.”

You wanted a shameless plug, didn’t-cha?

Larry, let me know how it all works out. I may be next in line.

Wait, My Wines was released?

We have a wholesale division in MA if you’re looking to expand. Just sayin’

and I can buy from the retail side…so, just sayin too!