Abreu Release

What are people’s opinion of the latest release from Abreu. I am usually all-in at least on the Hyde however the 56% price increase has me on the fence now (last year was $80)

Wines in my allocation are (others may have had more wines offered):
2007 ABREU Thorevilos Cabernet Sauvignon, 750 ml, $325.00 ea.
2007 ABREU Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon, 750 ml, $285.00 ea.
2008 Rothwell Hyde, 750 ml, $125.00 ea.

I’m a bit torn on this one. I’ve been on the list since the 1994 vintage and really like the wines but given the quantities that I still own of prior vintages, the speed at which I’ve been consumming them (or really the lack of speed) and the cost of the current offerings, it is a tough one for me to jump on. i may go in for part of my allocation (basically I figure if I’m ever going to buy Abreu again, the 07s aren’t the ones to pass up). Hyde has always been a stunning value - certainly not as much now at the $125 price given competition at that price level - I think I still have 9-10 bottles from prior vintages so probably no reason to top up now on those at $125 - may make more sense to go back and buy more of the 2001/2002 at around $95-100…anyone recall whether the sourcing for the earlier vintages of Rothwell Hyde is the same as now (from the three vineyards where the single vineyard wines come from)?

Tough not to bight hard on the Thorevilos, regardless of whether you want to keep it or flip it. If you want to flip it, its instant cash since not only is it the last of the RP 100s, it is also, according to Bob, one of the finest wines ever produced in Napa valley. Um, say what you will about him, but considering he’s probably tasted 10,000 Napa cabs/meritages, that’s outrageous praise.

Here’s his note:
The 2007 Thorevilos is monumental, and stands out as one of the most singular and greatest Napa red wines I have ever tasted. An expansive fragrance of subtle barbecue smoke intermixed with graphite, blueberries, espresso, white chocolate and a liqueur of rocks soars from the glass of this full-bodied, prodigious effort. It has the texture of a skyscraper yet never becomes heavy or overbearing. This offering, which can send chills up your spine, is a candidate for one of the finest wines ever made in Napa Valley. It will last for 2-3 decades.

I think I’m all in, especially given the high % of cab franc in the blend.

I took 3 Thorevilos and 3 Howell Mountain. Great wines and though the prices are high it’s one of the few in this range that I still bite on.

I bought 3 Thorevilos for me and my buddy bought the 3 Howell Mountain. All these offerings are breaking me and may lead to my d-i-v-o-r-c-e although I will have some good wines to show for it!

wouldn’t count on a big return flipping Abreu, even with a 100 point score…$325 plus tax (if applicable) plus $15-20 per bottle 2 day shipping gets you to $340-365 average cost…can’t see the wine selling for much more than $400…just doesn’t have the cult following of a Screagle or Harlan in my experience

Is this usually offered in waves?

Went to order the Thorevilos, but it is sold out. Fukkers.

Saw Uncle Bob’s note and had the offer this morning. Decided to think about it at work today and when I got home tonight the Thorevilos was indeed sold out. I guess we’ll have to wait to see which John - Kane or Flegler - is correct about the secondary market pricing.

My crystal ball says next year review from Antonio Galloni: 94 points.


last year’s 2006 Thorevilos sold out in two weeks. I learned my lessons.