So a couple of unsophisticated wine drinkers show up unexpectedly at the house last night. I am without a bottle to open, but since it is my anniversary I figure --what the heck – even though it’s still an infant, I’ll crack open a treasured 2007 Thomas and see how it’s doing. Be an opportunity also to introduce a couple of newbies to at least a hint of what a real wine tastes like.

It showed nothing but high acidity. Zero. Zip. Completely and utterly in sleep mode. An hour in the glass and still did not even slightly come around.

It wasn’t just the casting pearls before swine thing that bothered me. Or that I wasted an expensive bottle of a wine that was going to provide a ton of pleasure in the future. The most frustrating part was, though initially both of the guests were very patient with the wine, after a while they condescended to offer me tips on can’t miss wines such as Ravenswood zinfandel and Woodbridge cab.

I’m confused.

  1. What is a “2007 Thomas”? Is it this wine:

  2. If so, you’re beating yourself over the head for a $45 bottle? Listen, I’m not a “it’s only a few miserable bucks” type of guy, but it seems YOU had the opportunity to swap wines but forged ahead with your choice; now you’re sounding like it was wasted on your guests.

  3. Why not simply open up another bottle of something cheaper and instantly-gratifying then and not dwell in the drama?


If you read the little box via the link you provided you will see the words. THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD OUT.
Thomas can be hard to find… [cheers.gif]

I would have poured the remainder into a 375 mL bottle and opened something else so my rare and valuable Thomas could slow O and provide great pleasure in the next day or so.


Damn. What did you do with Rick Gregory?

I disagree. Unicorns are hard to find. Thomas is damn near impossible if you don’t live in Portland. [berserker.gif]

I thought you liked your wines that way, Jim [wow.gif]

I think the lesson to be learned here is either (a) expand your taste/collection to include some inexpensive, easy drinking cellar defenders for just these occaisions or (b) don’t offer wine in this situation.

I dare say even you would have gotten more enjoyment, and long-term satisfcation (given your '07 Thomas still cool in your cellar), from a $6.99 bottle of Ravenswood Vintner’s Blend. You may look at your guests as less sophisticated as you, but they have intrestingly given you some good wine advice here. [cheers.gif]


Yeah, Baby!

That was hurtful. neener

What really pulls the whole ensemble together is the assless tights.

Ouch and OUCH! Man, you got the full body slam off of the top rope. Rough night.

Finally somebody who understands my pain.

Near misses or when others like a wine, but not as much as you do, is one thing, but opening up a highly anticipated bottle only to have it completely (or almost) fall short of expectations sucks, regardless of price.

So does having to then listen to condescending advice, regardless of from whom, but especially from those who, um, lack self-awareness. I have a friend who despite being generally a good guy can’t help but be snobby when a bottle is clearly too-early, over the hill, or just plain off if not flawed. But he doesn’t tell me to drink Woodbridge.

The proper response when someone’s bottle is not only off to you, but not at all what they intended and (reasonably) hoped it would be, is understanding and commiserating. If anyone says the don’t have a solid fail now and again, they aren’t very adventurous.

This is triply bad for Jim, since he reportedly only drinks wine once a month. So now he has to wait until June to try to get back on the horse after getting thrown last night.

[rofl.gif] [welldone.gif]

Jim, You were way too generous. The moment that Thomas showed tight, you needed to decant it and give it a “time out” until it decided to play nice. Sometimes it helps to have a small stash of high-test spoof juice for those who’ll grooove on it!


I keep a stash of spoof juice around exactly for this purpose. Then everybody is happier.

Seems hard to fault the “unsophisticated” if the wine in fact was showing poorly. Sounds like the Ravenswood Zin would have been a more pleasurable drink at present. Sorry for your experience on all fronts.