a tribute and a TN: 2011 Horsepower The Tribe syrah

As a tribute to the passing of our little buddy, Whiney Kitty, I felt the need to open something that would echo his character… a little wildness and animale in what is an overall refined package. This was my first Christophe wine and maybe a bit young but it fill the bill quite nicely, I think I now see what all the fuss is about. I would’ve enjoyed it a bit more if it offered a touch more acidity, but overall this was just such a great wine that I can’t complain too much about that.

  • 2011 Horsepower Vineyards Syrah The Tribe VineyardNose of gamey funk, smoke, red fruit, musk and brine. Palate also leans more toward the red (strawberry) spectrum than blue/black, also some plum, pepper, spice, olive and a long finish of iron and meat. Medium body with impressive depth and layers, suave tannins and medium-low acid. For my tastes this is drinking quite well now, but I’ll leave my other two alone for at least a couple years to see what develops. (95 pts.)

RIP my little friend

What a cutie! My condolences on your loss.