A Terrific Book on Paris Food

Let’s Eat Paris!: The Essential Guide to the World’s Most Famous Food City by François-Régis Gaudry

Simply wonderful! Recipes, historical facts, dining recommendations and more. Can’t recommend this highly enough.


sounds great!

Thanks Jeremy. Gaudry I think is the most influential Parisian & French gourmand/food critic today. I’m looking forward to checking it out.

There are three books in this series. The other two are Let’s Eat France! and Let’s Eat Italy!

I have the other two on order.

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Right behind you! :clinking_glasses:

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Wow, Jeremy, THAT is a book on Parisian food. No wonder Gaudry is so well-known & respected in France/Paris! I would say it is indispensable for anyone living in Paris, or who wants to really understand & take advantage of/benefit from Parisian & French food. It is so French, and the antithesis of the Paris instragram tourists/hordes who ‘discover’ and invade this or that ‘hotspot’ (and which Parisians so frequently just steer-clear of). (I Love how he covers the ‘gallery’ of the 8 types of diners! Hilarious & true. And all 82 weekly outdoor/covered Paris food markets - unbeiievable! ). Great book! Thank you. (I’m actually going to buy the English translation of the one covering all of France now.)


Thanks Theo. The more I get into it, the more impressed I am. It is genuine and backed up by extensive research and knowledge. Couldn’t be further from the hottest, best, top 50, must see, must do…yadda yadda yadda lists that invade our lives.

I just took delivery of Let’s Eat France, and Let’s Eat Italy, and am also most impressed based on first inspection.

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Jeremy - Agreed. 100%. But it is interesting - he does NOT shy away from giving his recommendations and opinions - which is fantastic. (The best jambon-beurre in Paris (!), the best couscous, the top boulangeries, the best fromageries, produce markets, the key bistronomy/bistrots de chefs & chef-driven restos, the key eat-in butcher shops, the key tables marine, the best baguettes ‘tradition’ (he doesn’t waste his time w/ regular baguettes as few Parisians do), who makes the best Peas a la Francaise - my god! - etc., etc). He definitely gives many of his opinions, and thus firmly plants his flag in the rigorous arena of Parisian opinion. (Which makes sense, b/c Parisians are so opinionated and careful - of the 20-35 boulangeries in one quartier/neighborhood I know well, the neighborhood residents/Parisians line up at exactly 2 or 3 max. Ditto butchers, going to local restos, etc., etc.)

But, yes, he is very careful to list, talk about, etc., but NOT give his opinion about some of most famous, historic & trendy places - he’s very clever & smart in this way, I think, because this is something Parisians & everyone else can tell by walking into the restaurant/place. Is it packed w/ Instagrammers, Americans falling over each other for what’s ‘hot’/‘best’, tourists following ‘Amy in Paris’, etc.? - anyone walking in can tell, if they care to look - or by asking in advance if they care at all. (He says Paris can accommodate ‘all 8 types of eaters’!).

I’m not saying the book is perfect, and I do really need to drill down into it - but wow! And I’m looking forward to putting some of his opinions to the test…

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I went straight away and bought this based on your recommendation and think it’s wonderful. Maybe less so for the restaurant nods than all the other fun stuff in there. I particularly appreciate the sprinkling in of various classic cafe and bistro recipes. Reminded me to go make some basic dishes that I haven’t in a while and got me even more excited to arrive in Paris tomorrow!

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Thank Jeremy and all - i just ordered this as well. And i am nowhere near going to Paris unless i am kidnapped off the street and dragged there. Which could happen.