A tasting note falling in the woods...

Why write a tasting note for a wine that no one is ever likely to drink? Why not?

Saturday evening with some not too wine geeky friends a guy pulled out a bottle of a 1961 Sauternes from a producer called Bergeron. It was in reasonably good shape, good level and color and the cork was extracted in one piece without much difficulty.

Not terribly sweet or marked by botrytis, at first very disjointed but eventually coming together tasting like an aged semillon (I usually find a straw like note in semillon) with a tiny hint of sweetness. Intellectually interesting but not providing much pleasure; the non geeks at the table switched quickly to a 2001 Selbach Oster Auslese. Who knows how it was stored, but somewhat surprising that even such an unknown producer in an off year (for Sauternes) could produce something that was even mildly drinkable almost 50 years later.

Guess it’s time to crack open that case I bought on release. Thanks for the note, Cole.


What were you, about 5 when you bought that? [wow.gif]

I was a wine prodigy!

I’ve got some that I bought before I was born… neener newhere

I am glad you wrote this note. As a Sauternes lover I find it interesting to read about the producers below the level of 1er Cru, especially when the wine is still good 50 years on from a marginal vintage!

Currently negotiating the purchase of a 6-pack from 1983, a vintage i generally adore, from similar level producers so this was note was timely for me at least.

Sounds like an excellent enclosure. Any photos?

Sadly no photos; as I mentioned it was a fairly non geeky crowd.

As to 83s, I bought a bunch of de Fargues a few years ago and almost every bottle has been amazing; I have consumed a number of 83s over the years and I had heard that a bunch of wineries emerged from the economic funk of the 70s around that time so that they were able to make better wines later in the decade. So I would be moderately careful with properties you do not know well if the price is not very reasonable. 83s from the top producers are great.

so we all read it- what does that make us?

I have enjoyed a lot of 1983s too Cole. Just had the Rieussec with some Atl folks here and thought that bottle showed some real balance. Love the 1983 Climens but sadly down to just a few 375s now. I am not paying top $$$ for the producers I am currently shopping so it is largely a curiosity purchase.

Chopped liver neener

83 Rieussec was a damn good year. Back before Diageo took over Chalone we used to get a small annual credit against Chalone wines.
They had an agreement with Lafite and had some of their wines for sale. I managed to get a few 83 Rieussec (ex-chateau!) that way.
Still have one left.

I love that there are still plenty of 83/86/88/89/90 Sauternes in the market for prices close to or less than current release.