A shipping status you don't want to see

Got a shipping update today…not one I was excited to see. Luckily the product is replaceable, so I just have to wait a bit for my package. [oops.gif]

(Not mine)

OOPS! That’s a rough one Sean!

But it arrived the next day! Notes of diesel, gravel, and pitch?

I had that happen with a Siduri shipment. Luckily, the wine was fine and was only delayed about a day or two. But, I was worried when I saw that shipping update.

That wasn’t mine, I just remembered seeing it posted a while back and grabbed it off of Google images :wink:

Still, definitely a status I wouldn’t want to see!

We were fortunate that even a well-trained palate didn’t notice any damage.

Adam Lee
Siduri Wines

Better than being consolidated by a man in Beaune

Sounds like an older Burgundy. neener

I had a train derailment one last year in California that delayed my wine 10 days.

If trains derailed as often as threads around here did, nobody would get anything ever.


Only to come home and find nothing.


That reminds me of a story I heard that has nothing to do with wine but it does involve a train. There was this lady who had a dog, and one day…

It’s almost as tragic as a ship with Pingus sinking. Wait, didn’t that also happen to a ship carrying Mateus Rosé?

What’s funny is it happens often enough they programmed a shipping status category for train derailment. I wonder what else is pre-programmed in.