A "Real Wine" Series

Assuming that our SQN dinner this coming Thursday (see other thread in this forum) is a success (how could it not be?), let’s take a poll on what should be the next installment of my long-awaited series of wine dinners that I will name “Wine not for the faint of heart,” or “Wine with Flavor” or “Who said wine from the USA will fall apart as it ages?” What is your vote for future installments? Choose as many as you want, and rank order them from top to bottom. The idea is that the “entry fee” will be that you must bring a bottle of the wine that is the theme for the night. Here are choices based upon what I have in my cellar. “Other” is a permitted choice, but I will probably have to source something myself for those dinners. As is my custom, the only exception to the rule that you must show up with a bottle of the theme for that dinner is if you bring a bottle of DRC. I’ve had a taste of just about everything other than that (Masseto beat LaFleur and it was not even close) so I make an exception for DRC.

Next of Kyn
Rivers Marie
Quilceda Creek
Other (specify)

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All of those sound great to me – my top 3 would be (in no specific order) Saxum, Cayuse, and Rivers Marie.

What made the SQN dinner so great (besides the incredible wine), was the variety and the different flights, which some of those wineries would be more difficult to replicate that experience. But I’m sure there would still be some creative ways to make it work regardless.