a quick report after day one of great grapes

Justin Bonner’s great grapes for a great cause annual charity event night one was a success as expected with the quality of wine ratcheted up a bit from last year. Night one was byob and as usual some people went nuts. Too many wines to take notes or even a comprehensive list but present were 1916 yquem 84 yquem 01 reiussec 75 fonseca mag 06 bionic frog 05 sparky 07 spottswoode 08 maybach 01 lafite 01 margaux 06 qc mag 05 foley claret a couple of lalas and marcassins that I missed because I was a half hour late :wink: 06 screagle 06 scarecrow 84 trotanoy 89 beaucastel 07 clos des papes 80s montrose and cos 05 bevans ?? Dana 03 05 07 colgin 07 hundred acre 07 hourglass 80 margaux 03 lafite 99 mon aieul 96 dom 02 pride reserve 08 jbv 06 reva 04 seymours 96 hillside 05 hillside 01 and 02 greenock creek an amarone and a couple of italian wines that im sure vastola recalls a few whites and some others I can’t recall.
the spottswoode was my favorite cab followed by colgin 05 maybach and hundred acre. The hourglass was portish. Scarecrow too young. The 16 yquem was a bit cherried air might have helped but it was delicious. Loved the 84. The frog was the most polarizing wine. There were a couple of older dunns that were still too young from the early 90s. Those were the highlights. Tonight is all sine qua non. Ill have detailed notes on those :slight_smile:

Great meeting you, Berto! I got to try a whole lot of wines I’ve never had before. There were also quite a few I missed. I guess my WOTN was the 04 Seymour’s. The only Eye-talian wine I recall was the 2005 Il Carnasciale Il Caberlot which was very young but very promising. Another wine I had for the first time and really liked was the 07 Bevan Showket Cab.

Yeah man. More excess tonight. I can’t find my prilosec :wink:

The generosity of you people blew me away. I’m surprised that we agree that the '05 was the best of the Colgins – I think we were in the minority. That old D’Yquem was something special to experience, for sure! Psyched for tonight pepsi