A question on confirming orders have been accepted

So I’ve posted in the Holdredge thread that I’d like to buy some of the Holdredge wines. And I sent an email to the designated email address.
I have no confirmation that my offer has been accepted.
Why this is important is that if it’s not accepted (like maybe John doesn’t want to bother shipping to Nevada, or always thought I was an idiot, or both) then maybe I have more money to spend later in the day on Cabot wine or wine from some of the other fine winemakers who are taking part in BeserkerDay.
Do you see my point?

I just figured that winery owners were like Plaintiff’s lawyers - they don’t get out of bed before 10:00 a.m.

Also if a lot is closed it might be nice to know for us and the generous person who made the offer to save all a bunch of time.


Steve - you should get an email from John. I think he is busy fielding offers … and practicing law :slight_smile:

Not all of us

Holdredge doesn’t sleep.

I’m so glad Sandy is back to posting!! :slight_smile:

Tom - are you kidding? This is so much fun! If any one asks, I am busy working …

I didn’t realize you were a Plaintiff’s lawyer.

Wait - did you say something?

Holdredge is rust?

Actually I was feeding my kids Breakfast, which is no small feat given the molly-coddling their mom has done for them over the years! The place is like a small restaurant- whatever happened to just eating the damn cereal 'cause I said so??!!

Fortunately, I sent you an email a few minutes ago (before seeing this!) and operators are standing by. Well, until these spoiled children of mine need something else!

I told Tara last night that my belief is anything related to lawyers and the consumption of alcohol is de facto billable.

Are you kidding?? Letters to Grandma are .3


Not to complain about you specifically. I was talking about this through out the day.


Steve, please don’t stress out about this. Each of the offers has been confirmed and re-confirmed via a number of communications with the person making the offer, and me. You’ll get your wine…

Now, I have to get back to posting more offers, auction items, and other madness!