A question for you German Riesling fans out there ...

Does Willi Schaefer use the GK designation for any of his wines? All of his bottlings are under gold-colored capsules, and today I purchased a 2005 Auslese of his that the retailer had denoted as a “GKA” on their website. I’m wondering if the retailer is wrong about this designation - did the retailer merely see the gold-colored foil and [wrongly] assume it was a Gold Cap wine?

No, they just use fuder/AP numbers to differentiate between wines, as they offer multiple kabinetts, spatleses and ausleses in some vintages.

Thats my understanding as well

Also, all of Schaefer’s wines use gold foil caps.

I’ve emailed Christoph Schaefer for clarification because I just realised the 07 Auslese #25 I bought at the VDP auction in 2008 is listed in the catalogue as a goldkapsel.

I’ll be very curious to hear what he has to say, Neville. Welcome to the board, by the way! [berserker.gif]

Thanks for the welcome.

Christoph said: It depends on the vintage if we make a GK or a normal Auslese to take to the VDP auction. But, as you know, we use a gold cap for all our wines, which may cause some confusion. All our auction wines are marked with a round sticker.

We have always one auction Auslese of a higher quality and a classical, “normal” Auslese. We mainly identify them by the cask number or the auction Auslese as “the auction wine”.

thanks for the update, Neville. [basic-smile.gif]