A Question About Pierre Damoy's 2004's

Does anyone have first hand experience with Pierre Damoy’s 2004’s in regard to greenness? Thanks.

No. Looks like you want to buy some Pierre Damoy, but have never had one? How about you just buy one test bottle of e.g. the Marsannay Longeroies or the Gevrey-Chambertin Clos Tamisot and see if you like the style. Then you can extrapolate if you want to go for the higher end bottlings? Personally, I’m totally not into the Damoy style for example, but everyone’s taste is different.

Great advice but depending on the producer sometimes it is hard to extrapolate.

Some producers with a strong signature, it is easy to extrapolate (eg. Dujac, PYCM).

For others, the lower end wines are vastly different from the higher end (eg. Roumier Bussiere vs Bonnes Mares). In some cases even the Chambertin vs the Beze is very different (eg. Jadot).

I’m not a red Burg guy, I’ll never be a red Burg guy, and I don’t have the desire to be a red Burg guy. Just seeking specific info on a specific producer. The only red Burg I’ve ever acquired with some regularity is Freddy Mugnier’s Marachale. And oh yeah, I don’t buy green bananas.

If you don’t buy red burg. Aren’t a red burg guy. Don’t have a desire to be a red burg guy. Why are you looking to be one of the worst vintages in burgundy



This reminds me when I tried to buy my first Beta recorder and the guy told me he was selling me it below his cost. I asked him how he ever made any money. He said “volume”.

Depending on your sensitivity and, to a lesser degree, the wine itself…this could be a horrible experience for you…at any price. The vintage is flawed, even if your buds don’t mind it.

And now, you know why I placed the OP. Or did you bother to read it?

For the price you might be better off with a lesser cru and better vintage. Try the 2010 Dujac Chambolle Musigny. Assuming it hasn’t shut down, it has great aromatics and nice fruit.

Yeah…I “bothered” to read it.

The issue with the 2004s is not necessarily the wine, but, rather, the particular taster and his/her genetic sensitivities. The only person you can rely on to answer your question is, therefore, yourself, IMO. A quick check of Cellar Tracker shows that the offending ladybugs visited Damoy in 2004. Whether you or anyone else would perceive them…is the issue.

Why would you want to take this risk, no matter the price?

Now that you have provided an answer to the question posed in the OP, I won’t take the chance, regardless of price. Thanks for your time and effort.