A magnificent wine dinner hosted by a member of Bipin Desai's Riverside wine group in Riverside featuring 08 Taittinger Comtes, 3-Boillot CCs, 4-L'Apparitas, 3-1966 Bordeaux and 3- Domaine des Lambray CdL

Right you are, Frankie. Me? I wasn’t when these wines were made. Not even quite a thought in my parents’ minds yet. :slight_smile:

Counselor–you may not have been there the year Blake and Roelanda came down for FallTacular. I am so glad you got to spend time together. You are also one of the people I respect most on WB.




Grams, thinking about Counselor Seiber…grace, kindness and authenticity. He’s influenced me greatly, both in our tasting journey but morseo in the realm of personal leadership.

With Blake, a generous spirit, warm and incisive. Consistently this way and a joy to be in his presence.

I need to make sure people know where they make an impact on us. Both here and in our greater world around us.

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I am responding here to your kind remarks even though it is a thread drift, it is still really relevant in the spirit that is behind all of our passions as expressed in like and kind threads.

Thank you and know I truly treasure our friendship which as you may well know when I call you brothers, it extends way beyond our social connection.

A good example of how connected we all are happened yesterday when I was perusing the TV guide to see what sport events I wanted to record and found a college baseball game between LSU and Vanderbilt. Remembering Chris’s son is a freshman pitcher for the Commodores, I immediately recorded it and sent a text to Chris about it being televised.

I got an immediate answer from him as he was in flight to New Orleans to see his son and watch the game. How cool is that? Sometimes, it is obvious.

Love you both

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Chris is too humble. I’m not! The kid is doing great!

BTW - the nicest, polite, thoughtful kid you’ll ever meet. And a MONSTER. Pitched in 11 games already.

I think one of the greatest benefits of Berserkers getting together is their friends and family become your friends and family. We don’t always realize it but sharing a bottle of wine invites share of a lot more.


Amen to that

When I explain the power and influence of this board and its participants on me to people unfamiliar with it, I put it fairly simply. I have had the chance to meet the most generous, most interesting and most wonderful people through this board and the pursuit of this hobby of ours.

Go Brennan! :superhero: