A little love for Languedoc

Piggybacking on Zee’s great thread on VDP and other ‘affordable’ (harkening back to when MOST of Northern Rhone was affordable BUT Hermitage, sigh…) areas of Northern Rhone, I found a Languedoc wine I really, really enjoyed.

I was in Madison, WI last weekend and stopped at a local wine shop (AWESOME wine shop - Square Wine Company, right by the Capitol) and had a lovely bottle from Domaine Autour de l’Anne, called ‘Anne, A Wine Again’ (obviously for the American market), vintage 2017. It was fantastic, and I immediately searched to find out where I could get more. It reminded me what I love about Syrah, without the need to worry that either 1) the bottle I’m drinking is going to be worth twice as much next year, or 2) what will the lovers of trendy Northern Rhones (since Southern Rhone is FAR from trendy nowadays) say when I comment about this, stating my cluelessness or whatever. It was pure, enjoyable mineral and soil-driven Syrah, but pleasant in every way, from the nose to the finish, and should retail around $20-30. As soon as I can find it, I’m getting more.

When I search on free Wine Searcher, I can see one hit:


If you upgrade to Wine-Searcher Pro, they’re saying that you get 10 more hits.

If you’re still close to any bottles, then you might want to grab them now, because you might not see that wine again anytime soon.

One hit on pro too.

Call up the guys in Wisconsin, and see if they can ship their remaining bottles to you.

And they’ve changed their name. It’s no longer the Languedoc, it’s the Sud. They thought it would be easier to grasp. Another of those inside baseball controversies that make no sense to anyone not involved on a daily basis.

The 2015 Southern Rhones [e.g. Gigondas] & Languedocs were epic - if you can still find them, then I would buy almost anything 2015 without hesitation.

The 2016s [Southern Rhones & Languedocs] all tasted like barrel samples, though, and won’t be ready for another 75 or 100 years [if ever].