A friend is in Paris, what wine should I ask them to bring back?


My first post! :slight_smile:
A friend of mine is in Paris for fashion week and I’d like for them to bring me back a bottle of wine (or 3 (: ). I’m looking for specific suggestions on what I should ask for. This person isn’t going to peruse around the store/cellar and have in depth conversations about the wine. Plus I’m not very knowledgeable about French wine (I’ve been on a Spanish/Italian kick lately),so I’m looking for some guidance.

My favorite wines right now are Tempranillo (especially tinta de toro), Petit Sirah, Syrah, Nebbiolo and Sangiovese. I’m also really in love with the Chaos Theory Red Blend from Brown Estates in Napa. I lean towards medium/full bodied and dry wines, i like leathery and tobacco notes, but I’m open to other flavors as well!

Ideally I’d like something not TOO expensive, and not too hard to find, but also something that isn’t readily available/imported to the US.

I feel like I may be asking for a lot of help, but this forum seemed like my best bet! Asking for just any bottle of Bordeaux or Beaujolais felt lazy, and like a risk not worth taking.

2001 Leoville Poyfere ~100 bucks