A fine Plan Pegau. Really.

Last week I was in CDP for two hours. I tasted the 06 Pegau Reservee and the Plan Pegau (6 euro) at the little Pegau store in town and unbelievably the Plan really held its own. Now I’ve bought Plan in the states and it is simply crap wine. I was told by the very jolly fellow at Pegau that the Plan we’ve been getting in the states is an entirely different wine than the Plan we were tasting, which is NV by the way and does not even have a US importer (calling Dan Kravitz!). I won’t go into the story the Pegau guy told me about the crappy Plan we’ve been getting in the states… its a little personal.
Later that night I had a bottle of the Plan and a bottle of the 04 Reservee and again the result again was astounding. Certainly the Reservee is in a different league than the Plan. But the Plan, although not terribly complex (remember:6 euro) was very, very good. Very enjoyable, nothing wrong with it. Again, the Plan you can buy in CDP is definitely not the horrible crap that we get in the states.


Dan Kravitz does import NV Plan Pegau.

I prefer the Plume Bleue.

Also look for Red note, a wine made by Laurence’s husband/boyfriend. It is very good.

Glad to hear you had a good time in CdP, Dan. and I agree about the Plan Pegau we get in the U.S. … it’s crap.


Dan Kravitz commented on the Parker board, and disspelled any “rumors.”