A Few Recent Rieslings

I’m pretty much convinced that Riesling is the most delicious grape.

  • 2007 Schloss Lieser Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese - Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer (7/16/2016)
    Just shy of a decade old and this is one delicious wine. Pale yellow with a nose white peaches, white flowers and crushed rock. On the palate flavors of white peaches, rock candy, honey, minerals and a bit of lime and on the finish. I perceive a bit of petrol post-finish, but not on the palate – odd.

Feels a bit sweet for a Spat, but no complaints as there’s enough acid to balance things nicely. A tiny bit of spritz present, but not enough to detract from the lightly creamy palate. Count me as a fan.

8.9% abv, a Salil recommendation. (90 pts.)

On the palate, passionfruit, lime, mineral and a hint of peach. Interesting in that the nose suggests sweetness but tastes dry; if there is residual sugar, it’s scant. Nice weight and crisp acidity with a lingering finish. 12.5%abv. (90 pts.)

Concentrated flavors of peach, lime, orange pith, and petrol. There’s a lot of depth to the wine. A touch of spritz and a thick, creamy mouthfeel. On the sweet side for a Spatlese, could use a tad more acidity to balance out the sugar. Shows a lot of promise and should age for many years to come with room for upside. (91 pts.)

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Riesling is pretty good! You need to get your hands on some Austrian versions as well.

2007 Germans are starting to drink very well. I have not been stunned by them, but they make fun drinking.

I haven’t had much Austrain Riesling and not the good stuff either. I’ll have to change that, though I admit I like the sweet Rieslings and Austrian Rieslings are, to the best of my knowledge, mostly dry.

That’s true. But you can always hope your tastes become more sophisticated neener [cheers.gif]

As an every day drinker, try the plain Donnhoff Riesling, in the screwcap. Good stuff, under $20, has just a bit of sweetness but will start to wean you from the need for that in a Riesling.

I don’t drink nearly as much Riesling as you, but in my limited experience 2007s are pleasant but lack a bit of tension.

if Summer knew how much riesling you were drinking she might file for a divorce…gotta up my game.

It’s because most of the good stuff comes from the MSR and the Nahe.

Exactly why I have not been stunned by them. They lack the zing that I expect from the top examples. I think in another 5 to 7 years they will be even better though.

I thought she had to accept your irrational hatred of me when she said “I do.”

I’m thinking a Riesling night with spouses could be in the offing, yes?

There is someone whose hatred of you is irrational?

The hatred part is rational, but it’s based on an event that never actually happened, hence the irrationality.

I hate myself, so I drink. I drink, so I hate myself. Circle of life.

Hiedler used to make a dessert chardonnay in Austria, but it looks like it’s much more rare than I had realized:


I guess I was lucky to have ever had the chance to taste it.

The four of you need a visit with me to you know where!


Tooch ain’t visiting anywhere with me. I threw out the olive branch for the express purpose of having him ignore it. It’s still better than last time I held out an olive branch and he lit it on fire and then mocked me as it burned. Oh how it burned…

Now time for a musical interlude.

Funkytown don’t have no rules!

  1. Olive branch or asparagus?
  2. Did Tooch burn it or did you?

It was an asparagus shaped like an olive branch. Or maybe it was an olive branch shaped like an asparagus. I was too drunk to know for sure, but if the latter, there’s a good chance that I burned it myself.