A few days at Blackberry Farm

Hands down my wife’s and my favorite place in the US to stay. Needed a quick getaway from work. The service is beyond anyplace else on this side of the pond and just so unique. The food is 3 star quality (most everything produced on the farm) and the wine list probably one of the top 3 in the US as well. American and Burgundy probably the strongest. Most wines not outrageously priced (though the accommodations are steep) but certain wines do push it. Lots of DRC and Leroy and d’Auvenay. Big Sauzet, Raveneau and Dauvissat collection. Old Dunn and Heitz. Corkage is high, $50, but understandable given the venue. One of the things I really like about the list is the half bottle collection of really great wines. BTW, the cellar is over 150,000 bottles. Beverage Director is Andrew Noye, super guy and looks like an identical twin to his brother Jeremy who many here know from Zachy’s, Crush and now president of Morrells in NYC.

Had a great 2003 Clos de Goisses and 2005 J. Boillot P-M Clos de Mouchere yesterday. Tonight a very good 2003 Terra di Lavoro.

BTW, they have an unbelievable sporting clays program using only top end Barettas. My wife’s first time shooting and I now know not to get on her wrong side. They also have an Orvis fly fishing program. Big trout.

If you ever get the opportunity, BF is not to be missed.

Blackberry Farm has been on my radar for awhile. Just need an excuse to visit TN.

any online list?


Is this it?

I went for the first time in Feb. for my wife’s birthday. We loved it, though we only stayed for a couple of nights. I don’t think the food is quite 3*, but whatever. We can’t wait to get back, and in a warmer month when there’s more home grown food and outdoor activities.

Online wine list is here: http://www.blackberryfarm.com/pdfs/wine_menu.pdf

Heard great things, but those wine prices are ridiculously high.

yes, just perused it–very expensive but broad and deep.

They list the Village level Coche-Dury Puligny-Montrachet Les Enseigneres as a 1er Cru and charge Grand Cru pricing for it.