A Couple Of Volnays From Benard & Thierry Glantenay

Both from 2017, these 1er’s were “Les Santenots” and “Les Brouillards” and both were recent acquisitions. The 2 wines were probably more similar than not with the possible exception of the Santenots leaning more to black fruit and the Brouillards red. Both had a silky texture and to my liking showed better on the second day. The 2017 vintage continues to please and along with Georges Glantenay, these are producers that I really like and find affordable.

Also a fan. And the QPR is amazing, and even better if you buy in Europe,

Opened the 2017 B&T Glanetenay Volnay last night.
Drinking well and like the Bourgogne last week it is open for business. Honestly, I think I like the 17 Bourgogne better at this point in time. Lucky me, save myself $25.
Good wines either way.