A couple of 2005's - Pontet Canet and Pegau CDP

It was our 6th anniversary on Saturday so we kept with our tradition of opening up something from our wedding year. Holly loves Bdx and Cabs so I debated between the Pontet and a Monte Bello. After reading through some notes on CT, I went with the Pontet. Went to Shadowbook in Capitola and enjoyed it with an incredible meal. Had the creamy artichoke soup and wild mushroom bread pudding to start with. Both were excellent. For dinner Holly had the Lobster and I went with the seared sea scallops served over mashed potatoes, spinach and a great mushroom sauce. Not ideal choices to compliment the wine, but it didn’t seem to matter. We had the wine opened and 2 glasses poured. The bouquet just jumped out of the glass - Dark fruits, floral hints, some spice and earthy/mushroom hints. Took a small sip and it was incredible. The nose follows through with a lush velvety feel and a long lingering finish. We had already ordered some champagne to give the Pontet time to open up, but it really didn’t seem to need it. After about 1/2 hour we got back to it and we enjoyed it over the next 1 1/2. Stunning wine that is surprisingly drinking very well right now.

Then on Sunday night, after a long day at the beach surfing and playing for Fathers day we grabbed some brats from Corralitos Market. Threw those and some veggies on the grill and opened a 2005 Pegau CDP. Again popped and poured and it was ready to go. Nose of dark fruit, meat, earth, leather, and some pepper. All followed through with a great feel and finish. Reminds me a lot of the 2001 at the same stage. Seemed to open up a bit as the night went on. Excellent now if you are in the mood to try one.

Great stuff Jeff. I’ve hidden my 05 PCs as I think it will be a wine that will really round into form once its near 20 years old, but it sure seems tempting to pop one for a peak.

The 05 Pegau has plenty of backbone akin to the 01 but I think it also needs 4-6 years to really begin showing more depth on the nose and greater Pegauian complexity.


Corralitos Market and Pontet Canet in the same post - could be in the running for post of year on those merits alone!

Jeff, sounds like a great weekend! How are you enjoying the move so far? Say hi to Holly. Hope to meet up with you guys maybe next year.

no decant? Only an hour to open up? How were the tannins? Seems to me that unless it missed its shut down phase, I am confused as to why this would drink well now, unless Pontet might not live up to the longevity that everyone seems to think it will have?

I own both of these wines. I like both producers but I wouldn’t be tempted into opening either for quite a few years. The Pegau before the PC, obviously.

agreed. Can’t avoid Corralitos Market when I make the trip to windy oaks. They have an amazing sausage selection that’s like going to a high end wine store.

Better hope their parents aren’t reading this board. Or maybe, if they are brats, you want to give them back.

Nice post, and happy anniversary

I tried a PC’05 recently, and it was hard as nails. I hope that it turns into something nice down the road, but I guess that will be 10+ years from now.

Agreed. When I tasted this last month the nose was showing well, but the palate was shut down hard

Faryan - I wasn’t planning on opening the Pontet. Afterall Parker says 2012-2062 for prime drinking window. But after reading through a few reviews on CT, I thought it might be open right now. I had a 2001 Pegau at the same point in it’s evolution as the 2005 and it knocked my socks off and got me hooked on CDP. This was every bit as good to me.

Lance - [cheers.gif]

Craig - Loving it out here, can walk to the beach from our house, get to wineries without driving on a freeway, don’t have to deal with snow, thunderstorms, and mosquitos. You guys need to come out and visit.

Mike - What can I say, I’m a creeton. I would have expected the same with the drinking windows given to it by all the pro’s, but it is very accessible now.

Daniel - If you have enough of them, give it a go. I’m surprised how many people are opening them (CT) and enjoying them.

John - If you’re ever going to be in the area, let us know. We are about 10 minutes from WO and Corralitos. Sounds like a good BBQ theme!! [winner.gif]

Neal - [rofl.gif]

Freek and Matt - My bottles have done some traveling recently with our move. Wonder if all the moving around and being stored at about 65 for a couple weeks opened it up?