A Coupla Burlotto '19's

2019 Comm. G.B. Burlotto Barbera d’Alba Aves: Quite compact and tight to begin with, showing but a bare hint of blood plum wrapped around a graphite spine. It breathes and has purple flower notes. It is fleshy and deep, with a touch of licorice and fresh and savoury finish.

2019 Comm. G.B. Burlotto Nebbiolo Langhe: So pretty and perfumed, with notes of cherry, raspberry, strawberry and rose petal. It is an ethereal wine, that quietly builds in the mouth. Nothing is heavy, nothing is forced. Everything is delicious.

your evocative notes make even this Burg guy want to drink Italian, almost.

Mate, you’d like these wines. See if you can find a 2015 or 2016 Barolo Monvigliero from them. They are too young and 'aint cheap anymore, but boy are they good.

Thanks for the note Jeremy. Good heads up to snag the 19 nebb while it’s still available at a decent price. It sounds terrific and very representative of the house style.

@alan weinberg- Burlotto is the burg’s lover Barolo for sure. The nose is so perfumed. Great stuff but the markup in the US is crazy. The Langhe Nebbiolo should be available in NY at a decent price.

Fully agree - A wonderfull Langhe that I enjoy every vintage and for sure a value at its current price level. I also really like his dolcetto, Pelaverga and barberas.

Recently I had a Elio Sandri Langhe nebbiolo, that I was very impressed by. It is also showing the very elegant side of nebbiolo, but maybe with a but more depth too it. Still holds a wonderful balance.

Thanks for the notes. Have you had Burlotto’s regular barbera? How big of a step up is the Aves from just the normal bottle? I had the '18 normal barbera a couple months back and it was the first Burlotto wine that I wasn’t super impressed with. I always feel like their langhe nebbiolos, freisas, barolos, everything else is in the top echelon or their categories but didn’t feel like that for barbera.

The '18 Aves was spectacular. How does the '19 compare to it, if you can say?

Hi Michael, the Aves is a step up in intensity and is not a lot of extra dosh for the upgrade.

Hi John, the '18 is much more open. I reckon this '19 will be brilliant but it is denser than the '18 and quite tight at the moment.

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Thanks, Jeremy. I haven’t opened any of the '19 Nebbioli yet but I’ve been loving the '19 Pelaverga. Sounds like the Langhe Nebbiolo is ready for a spin.

Hi David, certainly plenty of enjoyment to be had, even at this early juncture.

Thanks again for the post Jeremy. These are going fast in the US. Mine show up on Thursday. Will give them some time to settle then give one a whirl.