A book about Jay-Z w/ full chapter on "Champagne Secrets"...

Empire State of Mind by Zack Omalley Greenburg is dropping and, If I were Lyle I would be taking some advice from Jimmy Reed:


I thought this was going to be a Zuc thread.



Me too! [smileyvault-ban.gif]

Nope, huge quotes from Mr. Fass about how crappy the Ace of Spades is and how big the margins are. A small quote from me about how if JZ had really wanted to get even he should have just BOUGHT Roederer outright and given it to Beyonce as a wedding present. LOTS of sleuthing around the paperwork to prove who owns what (I helped with that a little).

Me too!

That’s exactly what Boberto intended, using “JZ” instead of “Jay Z” in the title.

I was trying to beat the character limit on titles…(in vain: A book about JZ with a full chapter on “Champagne Secrets”…)

Yeah, but what about Zuccarino? neener

White merlot.

I’ve got a bottle of that stuff he left here in the cooler. It seems to glow in the dark a little…

‘Glowing’ won’t be your reaction to tasting it. [shock.gif]

So is the book calling out JZ for making a sham Champagne?

Here is an excerpt from the book, as it came out in The Atlantic today. For whatever reason, the link from The Atlantic is not working, but it can be found here: