A-5 Wagyu on (simulated) Hot Rock at Home?

I’m looking for a way to cook small slices of A-5 at home that simulates using a hot rock, without going through the trouble of buying a single purpose set up. To be clear, this isn’t about a cooking presentation, just end results. I’ve typically just used a hot iron pan and perhaps my temperature has been off, but it just hasn’t measured up like I would prefer. I think I have trended too hot, looking for a sear and the meat ends up over or under cooked.

So, it’s likely my technique, but I’d love to hear thoughts on the best ways you have found.

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Might be a option for you.


Dr. Spikes, I have used big Himalayan salt slabs heated on a gas burner.

Just so happen to have a half dozen I got on clearance at Costco years ago. You can have one to experiment with if you want.

Well, Mr. Landreth, that is a very kind offer. It just so happens that I have 2 in my pantry still in the wrapper that I picked up in a similar manner, albeit I don’t remember the retailer. I simply remember it was “too good to pass up” and that was at least 10 years ago and they still sit unused.

But, I will take any advice you can give about how you heated it up and how you knew it was at whatever temp you wanted. Based on what you said, I would put it on my gas stove initially on low and then increase the heat a bit over time and use an infrared thermometer to measure the temp. But, at what temp should I cook? I would guess around 400-450?

How did you clean it afterwards? Just paper towel then a water rinse?

Spot on to everything you posted.