‘98 Alain Voge: different labels same importer

I have two bottles of 1998 Alain Voge Les Vieilles Fontaines. They are from the same importer. Everything is the same by the vineyard name that is diagonal across the label is red on one and black on the other.

Were there two different types of releases for this wine?
Thanks in advance.

I have Voge VF from 1995 through 1999, all purchased on release and all have the cuvée name in red script to the best of my recollection and I know the 1998s all do. Who is the importer for your bottles? All of mine were imported by New Castle Imports, which was later acquired by International Gourmet, which subsequently went out of business leaving a sour taste in the mouth of many of their producers toward U.S. importers.

Wine Adventures out of California.

I don’t recall having seen a VF with black script, but Adventures in Wine did/does bring in a lot of gray market wines (which is neither good nor bad) so if Alain used a different label for different markets, they would be a likely importer for those wines. I’ll probably pull a 1999 from storage soon, so I’ll check the label when I do.

I bought them both from a retailer who buys cellars. I wasn’t sure if there was one bottled with longer aging or something. I am going to drink the one with the black label this Friday.