97` Williams Selyem Rochioli, 89` Olivet Lane and 94` Allen Chardonnay

Some recent wines:

1997 WILLIAMS SELYEM ROCHIOLI VINEYARD PINOT NOIR- I`ve been blessed to have many fine bottles of this magnificent wine and just enjoyed another that may be is as good as any before it; showing brilliant ruby red color as youthful as those released in 1999, the aromatics were majorly inviting with spicy, cinnamon and mild toasty strawberry and raspberry fruit which continued on into the early part of the taste profile before some bright fresh red cherry comes in to seal the deal; this bottles was in perfect balance and had a real subtle complexity with layers and layers unfolding and giving one the opportunity to dive as deep as your senses allowed; it was on about the 2nd layer that I got the red cherry and by just past mid palate, it moved up into the first layer; absolutely fabulous Pinot Noir.

1994 WILLIAMS SELYEM ALLEN VINEYARD RUSSIAN RIVER VALLEY CHARDONNAY- magnum; some who know this founding producer [sold with the label in tact in 98] for their superb Pinot Noirs may not be aware that the Chardonnays and Zinfandels are exquisite; IMHO, Burt Williams did not make a bad wine even in the most challenging of vintages; Ive had a few of this one albeit all in 750 ml; the color was a mid yellow toward gold; the aromas were replete with stone fruit and citrus notes; the initial taste had a slight hint of minerals and then apple blossoms, baking spices enhanced the baked apple, pear, peach and nectarine flavors; it had a smooth and lush mouthfeel which served to extend the finish; this was remarkably balanced, medium bodied plus and simply marvelous.

1989 WILLIAMS SELYEM OLIVET LANE VINEYARD RUSSIAN RIVER VALLEY PINOT NOIR- magnum; from the man who made it and the first vintage from this vineyard, this was very typical Olivet Lane material expressions with that briary, spicy somewhat dried raspberry cherry flavor with a streak of minerals and forest floor underlying; it was medium plus bodied, soft and easy on the palate and about mid way, in came some briary cranberry cherry notes; always a treat to get this as it has such a different profile from the other WS vineyard designates vintage after vintage from 1989- 1997, in this case.


Man I wish I had your treasure trove of Bert WS wines.

Dale, it has been a collection effort spanning 4 decades with even greater appreciation for what the wines have become in the last 10 years. Burt recently said I may have more of his wines than he does. I hope he was kidding.

Inspired by you Blake, just scored a bottle each of the following. Excited to try.

Williams-Selyem Pinot Noir Russian River Vly Rochioli Riverblock 1999
Williams-Selyem Pinot Noir Russian River Valley Olivet Lane 1997
Williams-Selyem Pinot Noir Anderson Valley Ferrington Vineyard 1999
Williams-Selyem Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast Hirsch Vineyard 1999
Williams-Selyem Pinot Noir Russian River Valley Riverblock 1997
Williams-Selyem Pinot Noir Russian River Valley Allen Vineyard 1997
Williams-Selyem Pinot Noir Yorkville Highlands Weir Vineyard 1999
Williams-Selyem Pinot Noir Russian River Valley Allen Vineyard 1998
Williams-Selyem Pinot Noir Russian River Vly Rochioli Riverblock 1998

Uh, oh.

Many “post-Bert” wines there!

Yeah, I know, but some aren’t. The '98’s were mostly assembled by Bert at the time the winery was sold. At least that is what I heard.

I was goofing off, I think the post-Bert wines are great, too!

BURT sold in early 98`. The fruit was harvested as per his direction. He only oversaw the completion. He did not finish them.