96' Guy Amiot Montrachet

Long story short opened this up at about 2pm today.
Poured a darker golden/bronze, not worried as it didn’t have that oxidized look, just older Chardonnay. The wine was tight and ungiving so put the cork in and opened back up around 5 so 3 hours in…
Color is the same but the wine is an oaky mess, dried out, charmless but had the feeling of just being tightly coiled.

Came back to it around 7ish, and it started to unwind, nose became more peach, stone fruit, bruised apple with a bit of mint. Palate picked up more sweet fruit, the oak is going away and the aromatics are really kicking in with a light airiness.

Finishing the last of the bottle at 10pm.
The nose is really floral, lilacs and mint, loads of minerality, Steele, chalk and hay but really round and plush. The palate has a ton of acid followed by a bit of, cream, toast, baked apple, peach and finishes with amazing length and depth.

This wine is pretty fantastic, left for dead in a garage not temperature controlled for god knows how long. I wasn’t planning on drinking Montrachet tonight as this bottle was supposed to be dead so it was a ‘WTF open it because it’s trash and oxidized’ moment that turned into magic.

GD IPhone, distracted watching my ptown Blazers lose it at the end, please move to winetalk


Nice start for the Clips!

Also nice to hear you had good luck with the Montrachet. '96 is a gutsy vintage, sometimes a good cork trumps storage.

I would think that a correct bottle of the 96 white burgundy should not be darker gold/bronze.

Kevin, I understand your trepidation and as I have stated not ideal storage, but the wine showed fantastically. Now, I could be reading more into it, but I tell you, that last glass was magical (and I hadn’t been over embibing) so maybe it’s possible to have a darker color wine that shows how it supposed to (wouldn’t be the first time for me).
Also, it didn’t have that oxidative color, it was brighter and looked alive. I’ve had a number of premoxed burgs and am familiar to what the wines look and smell like, this wasn’t one of them.