'88 Jadot Bonnes Mares

Cork popped 30 minutes, then decanted.

Healthy medium ruby to the rim, no orange or brown.

Beautiful aromas of perfectly ripe red cherries, with plenty of sous-bois very close to the surface, hints of balsam and ginger. Fresh but tender on the palate, very fine tannins almost fully resolved. Flavors now of red and black raspberries, cherries in the background, very spicy with a touch of black pepper, light to medium bodied, almost lacy texture, but with the mouthfilling solid satisfaction of big Burgundy that is also featherweight, with an ethereal delicacy. Talk about velvet hammer! Moderately long finish that doesn’t quite live up to the aroma and palate. There’s an echo of the hardness that has always been a vintage characteristic. Still a very real beauty. Rated 92.98, ready to drink. I’ve got a bottle or two left. They will return to the water table within a year.

Dan Kravitz

Sounds great Dan.
Wished I had some Bonnes Mares with that kind of age in my cellar.

Love it Dan, the 88’s are drinking so well now. You know, those same people who cried that the structure would outlive the fruit in the 88’s are now having a dig at the 96’s, sometimes good red Burgundy vintages just need the right amount of time in the cellar.
Best Regards

Well said Jeremy,
if it were more commonplace to age wine even close to maturity, I imagine we would be seeing a great deal more of positive impressions on some of the lesser received vintages. As it turns out I have enjoyed a great deal of 96 (and between us 1995). They may not be drinking at peak at age 3, but maybe we should be more patient with these wines. [cheers.gif]