750Daily: KevinDay on Timorasso

Nicely done article by KevinDay on Timorasso:

One of my favorite grapes.

SamBilbro should get his first Timorasso from their Yorkville Highlands vnyd this Fall. Rumor has it that the first Idlewild Timorasso will be uncorked in LosAlamos.
This article illustrates why Sam is enthusiastic about the grape.

Thanks Tom. I missed this. I am very bullish on Timorasso. One of the world’s great white wines. Tasting a good one with age is a revelation.

Nice article with good basic introductory information. I wish I had access to more producers’ products. But, then again, Timorasso is the ingenue among Italian grapes for much of the world. I had planned a visit split between Tortona and Sondrio. In April. Events conspired to undo my plan. Maybe next year.