6-bottle tote bag

It has come to this…I’ve mostly worked in retail, and now I’m gonna be repping. I’m in New England, so the insulation part won’t matter until next year, but I do have to get one. Whaddaya like?

I am also interested in this or something that also carries glasses. I have yet to find one that is high quality and looks good. TIA

A lot of reps like the roller bags if you’re carrying more than 4 bottles, plus you can put glassware in there (other than shoulder bag). It’s good to have both however.

Most suppliers stock wine bags, and many have looked into roller bags, so I would reach out to them and see what they have.

You can also just google “Wine Roller Bags”, and many options will come up.

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They make the carriers/bags by hand, per order. Great product, decent prices, great customer service in my experience.

Thanks, this looks good!

If you need super nice leather strong as an ox will last forever wine tote…Mulholland.

I got the 6 bottle carrier couple years ago.
Love it.

This one?


Got it a bit less, in the $300’s I think.

I paid 500 for my Mulholland but it was worth every penny. Not only is it beautiful, it is sturdy as all hell and the inner insulation can handle ice without a problem (hot day, had to bring wine)but the insulation is padded enough to throw glasses in there being reasonably careful.