$6.99 Oregon Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris

I was totally amazed last week to taste some Oregon Pinot Nor and Gris for $6.99 retail that was quite good. I think that Oregon has lots of excess juice out there. I tasted a second label called Rascal. Both the Gris and the Noir were very varietal. I expect to see more wines like this in the near future. This is a second label of Stone Wolf and she has done a very good job.

Wow, is it at Fred Meyer?

I’m glad to hear that Linda has produced a quaffable sub-$10 Pinot. That should fill a void in many retailer’s shelves. Sure there are other Oregon Pinots at this price point but they are mostly crap. In addition, the regular Stone Wolf wines generally fly below the radar, but offer solid quality at very reasonable prices.

This is the first $6.99 Pinot Noir and Gris I have seen from Oregon. I have certainly seen some from elsewhere but they rarely had any varietal character. We should be seeing them next week. There is about 1000 cases made of each. I expect to see more things like this since there is so much juice available. These are both 2007.