40 under 40 WineEnthusiast

Our own Kyle Schlachter made the list.

Somebody really screwed up the list this year! [oops.gif]

Congratulations Kyle!

Kyle deserves it. He really does a nice job promoting Colorado wines.


I also like that Colorado is stepping up. One day I’ll come out and try some wines - only had a few so far and unfortunately, I don’t think those were the best representations.

Don’t forget about all the other deserving people that made the list!

Congratulations Kyle!

Good to see a brace of Bilbro brothers on the list as well.

So what’s Jake?? Chopped liver? Surely he’s not over 40?

Maybe just not enough room on the list? Tough to fit three Bilbros in a single baggins. :wink:

Kyle - were you at Falltacular three years ago? I remember meeting a guy pushing wine from Colorado that was not terrible

That was him, Jay. He sat at our table.

Jay - yes. I believe I brought an Alfred Eames Pinot Noir and Guy Dew Pinot Gris (not the best General representatives of CO, but those individual bottles are alright) along with a 2001 Chartogne-Taillet Cuvee Fiacre.

That’s a great slogan - “Colorado Wine: Not Terrible!”

Much better than the other slogan: “Colorado wine - It’s what to drink when you’re stoned and want Doritos.” :wink:

Congratulations, Kyle. Wishing you continued success.

This years Governor’s Cup winner, the cab franc, could stand side by side with a lot of wines. Colorado just keeps on getting better.

Great for Kyle and the Bilbros. However these lists always seem to have people on them who excel at promoting themselves.

Who is more important and under 40 then Morgan Twain Petersen?