375 ml Burgundy glass

Does anyone in the Bay Area or Central Coast have 5 cases of 375 ml Burgundy glass (any shade of green will do) that they’d be willing to sell to me or even trade for wine? It’s completely fine if it’s been sitting around a while, I can clean the bottles. This is an almost impossible item to find right now. Thanks.

Does it need to be cork finish?

I’m sure you’ve exhausted all the options, but last time I spoke with Waterloo Container they still had a lot of stock of a wide range of things. Shipping is a bit steep but it might be an option.

He found some.

Thank you. I did find some Waterloo Container blue hock 375s in San Jose. I couldn’t find green Burgundies anywhere. It’s like the whole country is out of them.

Thanks, Leslie. I did need cork finish. Do you have screwcap 375s to sell? I’d love to buy some for sample use, if you have extras.