$30 wine aerator for $1 - expired.

Just sharing what I found on Wine Spectator Forum.

Jen K
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----Here’s the instructions----

1.Log into your Amazon account
2.Type Wine Aerator in the search box, hit “go”
3.Our product should be near the top on the 4th page
–The price is $28.87
–The title reads: WINE AERATOR - An Improvement On The Leading Brand - Life Time SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Greatly Improves….
4.“Add to Cart”
5.“Proceed to checkout”
6.Enter coupon code: C8XRQNUL in “Gift cards & promotional codes” box. ( 1 unit per customer)
8.If you are not a Prime user Choose “FREE Standard Shipping”. For Prime users, choose “FREE Two-Day Shipping
9.Click “Place your order”

sick. Thanks Andre

direct link


Done. Thanks!

That is sick. Not sure what I’ll do with it, but it’s a buck. Thanks, Andre

muchas gracias, mi amigo

Awesome. Picked one up. Thanks for the heads up.

NICE! Thanks!


that was quick!

For you guys that missed the $1 offer, here is the code for 30% off:

If you missed this $1 wine aerator event and are interested in our product, here’s 30% off coupon code SAVE30WS. It’s valid for 7 days (July 9th). “Unlimited” redemptions per customer

I guess I’ll have to stick to my Vinturi since I missed the $1 offer… oh well.
Looks like a cool product though! Best of luck with it.

Do you work for the company? From your first post it sounded like you came across the deal on the WS board???

I’m guessing that the second post was a quote from the WS board, too.

No affiliation at all.
Just want to share a nice deal that I found from WS forum.

Expired code. No good.

all he’s doing is copy and pasting…

Too bad the quote function wasn’t used for the 30% offer. That will have cleared up the confusion of using “our product”