30-40% off American-raised Wagyu Ribeye 6-pack

Hey Berserkers - our Holy Grail American-raised Wagyu program is pretty ripper…the original “Tajima” or Kobe cattle were brought in by Wagyu-meister (yes, that’s what they call them in Japan - meister) and legendary Hokkaido breeder Shogo Takeda in 1995. To “reset” the genetics for their new home environment, he crossbred the Tajima line with a tight genetic grouping of Red Angus (first-generation crossbreeds are known as F1’s) and then began to overlay 100% Japanese Wagyu back over the F1’s to create F2’s (62.5% wagyu) and subsequently F3’s and F4’s (82.5% wagyu). Much of the program is still F1’s and F2’s but we buy the F3’s and F4’s which make up about 10% of the program to the tune of 200 head a year. So, while not “fullblood” or 100% Japanese Wagyu genetics, this is an intelligent, professionally built program still overseen by Takeda-san to this day. Quite frankly, this program outperforms most fullblood programs.

On offer today is a 6-pack of 14oz. American-raised Wagyu ribeyes for $299 including 2-day FedEx shipping. Thats a $450-$500+ value including shipping expense. You can read more and purchase here: Tajima American Wagyu Ribeye Steak 6-Pack | American Wagyu Pack – Holy Grail Steak Co.



This still going on? I don’t see the 6-pack listed for this price…

HI Adam - had to take it down as our Shopify was not discerning correctly on coupons and there was a wee too much double dipping going on…but I can do it for you if you’ll just send me an email at ch at holygrailprovisions dot com.