3 Wines I opened last night - Byass, CRB, von Schubert

Manuel and Josie are in town so it’s time to break out some decent wine.

1966 Gonzalez Byass Oloroso - Like a warm blanket on a cold autumn night. Fills the mouth with a gentle cloud of almonds and orange peel. Delightful and mesmerizing.

2009 Clos Roche Blanche Cot - Pure harmonious fruit, earth and minerals. Their 2009s were a high point of this ever amazing winery. Come back to us Didier!

1997 von Schubert Maximin Grunhauser Abstberg Spatlese - a moment of terror as pulling the cork unleashed a torrent of TCA into the room. Miraculously it was just the cork. Jayson wiped the neck clean and the wine was glorious. The cork was quickly removed from the room.

97 Grunhaus wines are so good!

They certainly are. They’ve been singing for years.

Bad cork, good wine. You are lucky.

That 09 CRB lineup was something else. That Cabernet especially, for me.

I’m guessing that 97 Abtsberg was from the auction lot you/I shared a few years ago (2016)? I haven’t opened any of mine yet, but I should.

I really don’t recall blush

Seems likely. It’s magnificent but no need to rush. If I’m any judge it will be continue to be magnificent for many years to come.

Glad the Grunhaus worked out. I love their wines. I think they are today one of the biggest under the radar German wine producers - at least for customers in the US. They are elite and I don’t really think they are thought of as sexy enough for the more newbie German wine lovers.