2112 Waterbrook Cab

I found a couple of cases of this wrapped in Pine and Post labels at a Grocery Outlet. It was extremely cheap, but appears to be a well made Cab from a good vintage. In spite of having good color, it appears to be closed down. Was curious if anyone else has purchased this, and has had a similar impression.

I have bought Pine and Post syrah for $2.50/btl at GC. It’s decent for everyday, but nothing more. What do you mean “wrapped in Pine and Post labels?” How do you know that wine was produced by Waterbrook?


Doug Uno

If there is a way to upload attachments on this site, I’m afraid I can’t figure it out. Otherwise I’d be happy to show you the bottles.

Who knew the DeLorean had that much storage?

Maybe I should buy some too. 2112 may be my great great great children’s birth year.

Is it a Rush commemorative bottle?

Grapes are from the Syrinx Vineyard.

I will subdivide my collection for this wine.

rfelthoven wrote:
Is it a Rush commemorative bottle?

Well done. And the meek shall inherit the earth.


It’s cheap because it’s still very young?

After first purchasing a bottle of this at a Grocery Outlet in Wa., I returned to buy all the remaining displayed bottles. I haven’t a any idea as to why, but it is Waterbrook Cab 2012 (pardon the previous typo) disguised as Pine & Post Red Wine, product of Canada. Vinted and imported by Pine and Post Winery, Surrey, B.C. Imported by Precept Wine, Seattle. I am currently sipping from a bottle that has been open 3 days and that is showing zero signs of oxidation. It is finally beginning to sing, and sing well. At $2.50 a bottle I only wish I had the opportunity to purchase a truckload more. Definitely the best wine value I’ve ever found. And when back in the area will be looking for more.

So, what you are saying is that the bottle initially showed a P&P label, but that under that label was a Waterbrook label? What is on the corks?

Very odd if they are showing a domestic wine as an imported wine. Intriguing.

I knew I should have sprung for the time machine offered on Berserker Day!