2024 Grape Growing and Weather Thread

SB county fire near vineyards

First signs of veraison, along with some heat damage. Laguna Ridge, RRV, clone 777 PN.

Fortunately NWS got it wrong again: Yesterday’s forecast 101 but the high measured 93. Today originally called for 101 again but now they are saying 92.

In any case we escaped fruit damage for now.

LA times listed highs that may have caused sunburn elsewhere in CA, however. Sacramento area, and Hopland vicinity posted highs of 108-111.

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Are there commercial forecasts that you find more accurate? if so, which ones?

For what specific location ? I’m curious . NWS is usually pretty accurate .

  1. Eastern Ventura county, CA
  2. Not on a routine basis, but for big events the forecast postings / alerts of climate scientist Daniel Swain seem very accurate (For California). You can sign up (free) to receive bulletins when he publishes them

(BTW the comments can be interesting. Many of Daniel’s followers are weather geeks and provide good info)



Significant wildfire smoke over Oregon, Idaho, and extreme N. Cal


Anyone reporting from Oregon?