2022 Kinsman Eades release (8/2022, 2019 vintage)

I got a magnum of the veleuse in a fancy wooden box. Sadly they won’t make this wine for some time as they had to replant it.


Mine shipped yesterday.

Weather hold in CO. Which I appreciate since it’s single digits coming up this week.

weather hold

Received notification that shipping of two, 3-packs were going out on 1/30.

Today (2/3) I received one of the 3 packs, but the other appears to have gone back to Oakland CA from Memphis. I’m in Fort Worth. Odd how one pack was delivered but the other was not.

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Ooof. Sorry bud. Not ideal for sure with this precious cargo! But im sure it will work out just fine.

Very slight shipping delay but my 3 pack came today. Will leave them be for a while. Maybe try one in 5 years.

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Mine arrived yesterday, one day delay but given the temps i’m not worried. Straight to the offsite as I won’t touch for awhile.