2021 Thibaud Boudignon Anjou Blanc

Beautiful wine. Restrained but aromatically expressive with salty lime, almond, orchard blossoms, pastry dough. Bright, refreshing, lemon peel, orchard fruits, lighter bodied, bright acids, lovely persistence and precision.

93 points


I am happily working my way through a case of this. It worked beautifully with some grilled trout last week.

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That seems like it would be a remarkably good match.

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Sounds great - good book too!


I just drank my last 2018 of these. It was still in great shape, but it is hard to hold these long enough to really see how they’ll age as they are so good on release. I have one eye out for the 2022s. Supposedly it is seen as a very positive year in the Loire, but they said that about 2018 Champagne too.

Kissack on 22:

without a doubt the 2022 vintage is what the vignerons term ‘solar’ in style, the characteristics found within the wines reflecting the warm and sunny conditions of the vintage rather than the cooler-vintage profiles seen in years such as 2014 or 2012. This is most evident when on the hunt for acidity; most vignerons I have spoken to readily confess that this is a vintage with low acidity. Technical analyses put the figures in the same ball park as 2020 or 2018, in many cases lower.

Happily, however, many vigneronsfound that they were not dealing with runaway alcohol levels, as some had to do in these other warmer vintages. In particular 2018, in which one or two cuvées in Chinon declare 15.5% alcohol on the label (and the figure in the wine itself was, I suspect, a little higher, in at least one case, anyway), and 2020, a vintage in which I have discovered more than one or two wines from Vouvray with 14%. This provided some relief to vignerons who were hoping to avoid the combination of high alcohol levels with low acidities, which they find particularly unbalanced on the palate. Lower acidities with modest alcohol levels, meanwhile, apparently work much better together.

Boudignon Anjou is labeled as 13% for 2022 vs 12.5% for 2021 and 2020. I trust he got it right and will be taking my allocation. I plan to open one in the next few weeks.


I’d love to see your notes on the 2022.

Great producer! Opening a 2015 Clos de la Hutte when I have friends over next month. Very excited to se how it is drinking as I only had the wines rather young so far.


My first experience with these wines was the 2016 Clos de la Hutte. It was young, but so, so good.

It’s Megan’s birthday today, so we ate dinner in Portland at Cocquine. They had the 2021 Clos de Fremine on the list, and we opted to try that to follow the Anjou Blanc. It’s more coiled and reticent than the Anjou Blanc, as one would expect, but still so delicious. I really enjoy these wines, and the 2021s are right in my wheelhouse.


the next best thing to drinking good vino with good people–good vino with a great book


This producer makes such pure & focused wines…

Waiting for a delivery of a case of this myself!

Just bought a couple of cases of the Rose. One to drink and one to keep. A friend of mine said he was drinking the 17 a few days ago and that it had developed beautifully, so thought I’d put some down.

The Boudignon 2017s were fantastic, and very electric wines.

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A great domaine. I last visited about a year ago, to find so much had changed since my prior visit. New cellars for a start, and several historic vineyards cleared of vegetation and replanted. Full frost protection with electric cable heating. And great wines, although the youngest vintage we tasted at that time was 2021. I recall the 2018s impressed with their tension in the face of a warm vintage though (and I bought some for myself) so I would be hopeful for the 2022s. I wrote a long report on my visit, but so much has changed I also need to update my profile (another to add to the list!).


2022 just arrived!

I was really impressed with the 2018s. Drinking them, they are richer than the previous vintages but showed a real commitment to pushing back against the “solar” nature of the vintage. It’s not my favorite Boudignon wines, but they definitely sold me on the decision making at the Domaine and I bought both 2018 and 2019.

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