2020 Prum prices

I just got the Flatiron 2020 offer and it seems to me the prices went way up this year. For instance, I bought the 2019 Graacher H Kabinett from them for 32 bucks. This year it’s 44. Seems that way across the board. Pretty large jump.

Prior to 2020 the increases had been extremely slow for a very long time. Still cheap compared to Egon Müller!

Another report I saw said the increases were at the cellar door and ranged from 40% for Kabi to 20% for Auslese.

Still, a 30+% increase is pretty startling , no?

2019 WS Kabinett has been over $40, so it doesn’t seem so crazy.

There’s been couple of places somewhat under the Flatiron offer, but overall that’s been the rough increase across the board from all US sources this year.

For some reason, that’s not in their offer (in the 750). The mag went up $26.

I’m glad I went heavy on the 19’s. I love the wines and they certainly may be worth the new freight, but still I was pretty shocked.

My Prum pricing was a little more nuanced. Kabi and spat were up over ‘19. Auslese was flat. Auslese goldkap was down a bit.

They were underpriced for a long time. Still, it’s a big jump.

I guess I should actually go and pick up the 19’s from Flatiron [snort.gif]

I thought it might be interesting to pull some old pricing from the UK importer, in the UK most people buy direct from the importer (who doesn’t have a retail store but sells direct to customers).

Prices are in bond for 6.

WS Kabi - £84
WS Spat - £111
WS Auslese - £132
WS AGK - £285

WS Kabi - £126 (3.5% increase annually)
WS Spat - £138 (2%)
WS Auslese - £156 (1.6%)
WS AGK - £336 (1.5%)

Seems rather unfair to me, but not on the consumer.

I am not surprised Kabinett has increased the most, it’s a lot harder to make and more in demand.

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For WS Kab I paid £22.50 for '20 up from £18 for '19. WS Spat was only up from £22 to £25.

I buy from a guy that purchases from the cellar door. So that does support the assertion that the price increases are at the winery.

Still a bargain compared to other top class German producers.
That being said, I bought only a smattering of 2020, and backfilled more 2019.

Yep, wholesale prices in CA also went up a sizable percentage. Was told it’s about time since they’ve been underpriced for a while.

Per Robert Panzer’s offer earlier in the year, Katharina Prüm increased the prices across the board ex-cellar by about 20%.

Why is the Kabinett the hardest to make? I thought there were more harvesting passes in the vineyard for the higher pradikats?

Tough to get Kabinett grapes in the days of Climate Change.

‘A lot’ was perhaps poor wording on my part. But I’ve discussed this several times with some of the top Mosel growers. I think put simply, you can do almost nothing and pick Spatlese / Auslese level grapes in one big pass, of course for GK and up it gets harder.

One told me the reason that they just charge more as you go up the hierarchy was so as not to confuse the customers.

Having ‘helped’ pick Kabinett grapes before, we ended up discarding a reasonable amount of lightly botrytised grapes, which took time and meant they ended up on the floor. However this was for a rather expensive Kabi!

If Kabinett started costing more than the higher levels, that would be even worse (for me). I generally like that level better as its more flexible for me.