2020 Pott Wine Release

Starting next Tuesday, September 6th, at 9AM Pacific we will have two wines to offer you.

  • 2020 Napa Valley (Mt. Veeder) A one off special of our Napa Valley blend - a “panorama” bottling of our Mt. Veeder Estate red wines. $80 bottle. 390 cases made.

The fires are probably the first thing you think of when you think of Napa’s 2020 vintage. Many wineries faced tough decisions about harvesting and wine making. Fortunately for us, our Estate vineyards are in the mountains on the western side of the Valley so the Pacific onshore winds kept the smoke at bay. We detected no smoke taint, and harvested and fermented the wines in our usual way.

  • 2020 Dynamite with a Laser Beam (finally, after years of waiting) a Pott Pinot from the coveted east-facing Rise section of Elswick Vineyard in the deep end of Anderson Valley. $90 bottle, 72 cases made.
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Just dropped for me. Need some insight here…has anyone tried these 2020’s???

Haven’t tried any 2020s…but this sounds like a super cuvée of what normally would make up the single vineyard. I personally planned on skipping all Napa in 2020 as an opportunity to buy other regions, but this is tempting.

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Exactly my take. I missed out on the 2019 NV Cab, so there’s a huge hole in my cellar for when I declare Random “Special” Occasions, so as worried as I am about 2020s I bit the bullet and ordered.

12 bottles should fill that hole nicely.

In Aaron and Claire I Trust. :slight_smile:

Galloni rated it 88-90 (“decidedly a lighter style of wine”), but he intimated that it might improve by the time of its release.

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Just landed & I’m laughing my ass off at the sticker!

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My Pott smoke arrived a week ago and popped the cork on one tonight. No sign of anything amiss for my palate. Classic Napa cab. Very happy with my case purchase.

2021 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon release is live:

This is our blend wine, a transcendental combination of selected barrels of wine from our Estate and Single Vineyard collections. This wonderful Aaron Pott blend is equally classy, just not as classical. Capturing the complexity of Napa in all her glories; the intensity of our Veeder and Howell Mountain vineyards and the ripe silkiness and the pleasure of the valley floor.

This year’s Napa Cabernet Sauvignon has a rich lush attack. Its wonderful balance and weight harmonize with a constant bright acid melody that makes this wine age-worthy and collectable but also delightful with food straight away. It opens with pomegranate, coffee and cocoa, and cherry, Cherry, CHERRY!

Then the flavors move ever darker with black cherry, plum, blackberry.
There’s a long finish of smoked duck, porcini and finally a last flourish of fennel before it fades gently into oblivion like Napa’s famous fog.

1 minute into allocation. And……it’s gone. Wish request only. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Same I was actually waiting on the site as the early access link they provided wasn’t working. Of course emails went unanswered. 11am hits and just like you mentioned I tried to check out and POOF allocation reversed to wishlist only. It’s extremely frustrating when wineries do this there is no way they instantly sell out in minutes as if everyone instantly clicked the button at the same time. I would hope they understand that the “Scarcity Approach” is bad for business in the long run…Just my 2 cents


Looking CT community holdings of 2019, 20, 21, it seems that from 2019 on the amount of bottles released has dropped significantly. Not sure if or why the Napa case count is much lower or if there is some other driver to the scarcity, regardless, it does not merit a third round release that is gone before the email arrives. Oh well, taking the L and moving on.


Damn…just got out of a meeting, bummed I missed this one.

No worries we all missed it…It glitched or whatever you want to call it and apparently “SOLD OUT” in a minute which means the scarcity approach worked great for them. I had really been looking forward to trying their wines but it looks like after a few searches or the board the " Sold Out In Minutes" seems to be a recurring thing for them so it makes you wonder if the list is even worth it in the end…

Agreed. at 12pm EST it was already on wish list. Would be better to take the approach that persons lower on the list are simply still on the “waiting list” instead of pretending that the allocation was there and gone in under a minute.


Agreed I would much rather them say look you’re still on the waiting list and we’ll try to get something to you if we can. However in this case they used the “Dangle The Carrot” approach for their list members which in my opinion leaves bad taste in everyone mouth. I will say that Roy Piper does a masterful job in managing his list and treating his all his customers like they are “Valued”…The folks at Pott should take a few notes


Pott Wine- 2021 Single-Vineyard Collection Release is live

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