2020 Chambolle-Musigny Les Feusselottes - seemed like a good price so Mr. Saxum/SQN/Myriad bought two

I stopped at Zachy’s on my way to the grocery store to pick up some frozen pizza for my grandson and my friend Christian Dalbavie was pouring for Jadot. I bought a case of Jadot Pussy Footy (I thought everyone called it that, just like my friend from Memphis refers to this as Chamb-bow-lee Moose-ig-knee) as a weekday white because it was a bargain and we’ve liked that cuvee before. I tasted through their pinot lineup and this was pretty good for a French Burgundy so I bought two bottles. With the double discount for the Jadot sale, it cost me something like $57 a bottle. Has anyone had this cuvee from prior vintages? What should I expect from the aging curve? Will I be able to enjoy it before my palate is six feet under? Is that a good price (looks good on Winesearcher)? Any other comments?


Should be absolutely a point by the time the Jets win their next superbowl.


Cruel. Not inaccurate, but cruel.


Was that Jadot sale only in-store yesterday?

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Not to thread drift but originally I was saving this for a Jets Super Bowl win (purchased in ‘09)

I will now open it IF they make the SB to “enjoy” while watching. If they go a few more years with no playoff appearances I may just open for their next playoff game


$57 for 1er 2020 - even Jadot - is a good price. I happen to like a lot of Jadot reds as good value. Had a lot of Beaune from them, a lot less in Chambolle-Expensiveny so my aging advice would not be as reliable as others’ here.


As they say, it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved it all. Or, to put it another way, it is much better to go to an exciting football game for a team that is not going to win the Super Bowl than sit at home, and be a couch potato. Here is me, my son, my grandson today.


Part of the charm of being a Jets supporter is the sure and certain knowledge that they will never win the Super Bowl. If I were a bottle of wine, and I could only be opened if the Jets won Super Bowl, I would happily take the bet.

Oh Jay. Excellent buy. Needs 15 years at least.