2019 Oregon Pinot Report from Vinous

Josh Reynolds’ 2019 Oregon Pinot reviews are out and he loves the vintage. Refers to it as “A Return to Classicism”. Special congrats to Jim Anderson. His “worst” score a 91 for the introductory Patricia Green Pinot. The other TWENTY SEVEN Pinots had scores of 93 or better!! champagne.gif


Ha! Thanks. It’s 28 others in the review! Made 30 but we didn’t have one of the bottlings available at the winery the day he came so only 29 reviewed!


I can’t see the TNs, since I gave up my Vinous subscription, but can attest to how good the 2019 vintage is (Jim’s wines and others we tasted during our visit in December).

If these heat domes keep happening, 2019 will end up being the exception rather than the rule. Both white and reds I’ve tasted are across the board gorgeous

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I’ve told everyone who has asked that you are going to think we are the biggest pack of liars around when we start talking 2021 vintage.


One of the things I find so compelling about PGC. I go “deep” on 2019 (two cases) and can barely get 1/3 of the way through the line up! Looking forward to my first visit next month to see the operation!

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Based on these reviews, Goodfellow is top shelf. But that’s already known. Kudos to that team.


What day are you coming?

Of course!

Josh Raynolds is a terrific reviewer for Oregon. He has spent a TON of a time out here, especially for someone that lives on Long Island, and has been to innumerable wineries and vineyards out here getting to know people and places. His reviews are based upon a deep experience in this part of the world no other reviewer (other than Paul Gregutt who has been doing it for forever out of Washington) can claim. I think if you’re reading his reviews you’re getting a great picture of the Oregon landscape.

Thanks for posting, I can read his notes on the vintage but can’t see the scores as a non-member. Seems inline with my limited experience, and what I have read from other reviewers.

Congrats on the scores Jim! Looking forward to the spring shipping season.

+1, put me down for some futures.

Many of the wineries that participate here did really well. Patricia Green, Goodfellow, Walter Scott and Vincent.

Vincent really shows as the points to price ratio winner. Maybe PPR can become a thing.

I got married in 2019 so I went long on the vintage. Seems like I lucked out.

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Jim, I sent a note to Caroline about March 31 @ 1pm. Would be excellent if you can make it!

P = Q

We import some Failla into Oz. Just happened to crack a 2019 Failla Pinot Noir Seven Springs Vineyard last night. Man it it was good. Looking forward to trying a few more 2019 Oregon Pinots.

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Any reviews of Martin Woods? Don’t see a lot of chatter on here about their wines. Yeah

You look at all these producers making such fantastic wines with lofty scores and reasonable pricing… what are we doing wrong?

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Markets are efficient over the longterm.

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A lot of my favorites got great scores in addition to those mentioned, Vincent, Kelley Fox, Arterberry Maresh, Evesham Woods, probably a couple I forgot. But, it appears that nearly everyone got great scores. He really liked the vintage.